We take great pride in providing brilliant custom designs for our clients

To succeed in today's marketplace you need to convey a professional image that captures your market instantly.  A great looking website promotes the growth of your brand and effectively engages website visitors.  

Without effective design you will be losing visitors before they even start reading what you have to say.  Discover Me Design ensure that your visitors want to stay on your website by providing an aesthetically pleasing interface which only professional designers can achieve.

Discover Me Design only employ professional, experienced designers with exceptional creativity.  We ensure that all designs acheive the client's objectives by remaining focused on the brief.  It is our aim to make all websites :

  • Creative
  • User friendly
  • Engaging
  • Focused on the key message

Check out our Website Design Folio here.

Our website design process

To design a great looking website, we initially meet and discuss …

  • Our clients Competitive advantage
  • The Goals of the website / where to you want to direct visitors
  • How does our client want to be perceived by their market
  • Demographics of their market / website visitors – identify specific visitor types
  • What are the visitor types likes, dislikes, motivation etc

We then start researching and creating styles with the aim of creating a concept designed to meet the business goals.

We then create design options to present to the client.

The client will then review each design and select a preferred option (or request more designs to choose from).  From that point we start the design cycle (client review and design revisions) which continues until both parties are happy with the final design concept.

Check out our Website Design Folio here.

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Our designers are passionate about the value of good design.