Discover Me are experts in building your website to maximise your exposure and position in Search Engines

If your site suffers from poor SEO or you simply want to improve your website rankings and sales Discover Me can offer you practical and pragmatic advice and services.

Our Approach

We approach SEO differently to most SEO companies. We do not charge you a large hidden, ongoing fees. We believe most of the work is in the setup, then you can choose whether to do the ongoing work yourself or engage our content providers to implement.

We propose potential improvements to your site to increase not only SEO but conversions and return visits and better engagement of existing clients. In other words we take a more holistic view of your website success rather than just rankings. Anyone can rank high for ‘useless’ keywords. We want you to rank high in keywords that bring you the best ROI and effectively bring in more targeted traffic, leads and sales to your business.

Our aim is to align your business goals with your website goals and in turn identify actions that will bring the most benefit to your business. We do not focus on website rankings, we focus on achieving business goals and maximizing our Return on Investment.

SEO Audit and Action Plan

For every client we will initially undertake an SEO audit which includes a 20 point checklist – from here we will create an SEO action plan which will map out your action items we recommend in a staged manner. Often there are many items that can be achieved without our professional assistance – we provide advice on what you can do yourself (with some guidance) and then itemize out any items that will require some technical input.

The SEO Site Audit and Action Plan is aimed at generating more traffic to your website through providing specific recommendations to improve your website's ranking in search engines. To perform a SEO Site Audit we run your website through SEO software which analyses your website based on how effective your website is and identify any gaps or weaknesses. The software identifies gaps in your SEO based on Google's current search indexing algorithm (it checks all aspects of SEO including on page and off page factors). From this analysis we generate a report which details, in practical terms what needs to be done, often a lot of the recommendations are things that you can do yourself.


  • Discuss your business goals and expectations.
  • We perform an SEO audit and site analysis
  • Identify any issues – easy wins, business goals, expectations
  • Create an SEO Action Plan – action items will be staged – starting with easy wins and items that can be achieved without any tech involvement. clients and visitors and improve your market reach
  • Undertake actions from the Action Plan as required
  • Implement programs for you to maintain
  • Identify potential marketing programs to increase your traffic
  • Monitor and improve

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Keyword Strategy

In each case one the primary action items will be to develop a Keyword Strategy. A Keyword Strategy is effectively the framework around any successful SEO or SEM work. A well-constructed Keyword Strategy will provide you with a clear and focused framework for any further SEO or SEM work.

SEO services during our Web Development process

Every website Discover Me Design produces will, at a bare minimum, use best practice on page Search Engine Optimisation to ensure a high ranking in Google and other major search engines. We also offer 'Advanced SEO' packages to give your website an extra edge over your competitors and an invaluable mechanism to generate extra website traffic.

Advanced SEO

This service is designed to maximise your organic position in search engines such as Google, thereby increasing your business leads. It is important that 3-5 keywords are initially identified to focus on, ideally through a Keyword Analysis.

What does our Advanced SEO package include ..

  • Keyword Analysis : Discover Me can devise a Keyword Strategy which identifies and analyses the search terms that fit your requirements. As a result Discover Me will produce a Keyword Strategy report documenting your keywords and the relevant stats and measures associated with these keywords
  • Advanced SEO implementation : Discover Me will identify your 3 main keywords from the Keyword Analysis and undertake a thorough analysis and provide a resultant implementation recommendations based on the these key words. In most cases we will implement these recommendations as part of this service; for recommendations that involve significant re-design or development we will provide a quote to have it implemented.
  • Using the findings from the Keyword Analysis Discover Me will implement the following technical on-page elements with keyword-rich data.
  • Keyword rich Header tags
  • Keyword rich Alt tags
  • Image optimisation
  • Keyword rich Page titles
  • Keyword rich Static URLs
  • Keyword rich Meta descriptions
  • Keyword rich Meta Keywords
  • Keyword rich Bolding keywords
  1. We also undertake the following actions…
  • Optimised Robots txt file
  • Optimised Update frequency page settings
  • Internal linking optimisation
  • Submit to google
  • Clear page hierarchy
  • Website quality audit prior to audit
  • Priority page settings – default settings
  • Update frequency page settings – default settings
  • Extensionless URLs
  • 301 redirects
  • Sitemap creation and submission
  • Priority target page identification and optimisation
  • SEO audit and implementation of findings
  • Site content review and recommendations
  • Rich Snippets implementation if appropriate
  • 6 month post development SEO audit, analysis and strategy meeting
  • Monthly targeted SEO performance report
Search Engine Optimisation

We guarantee your website will be easily found on major search engines like Google through high SEO rankings