Is your website in need of a Rejuvenation?

This service is designed for businesses that have already invested a lot in their existing website and want to leverage the existing fundamentals of the site and not start from scratch.

A website rejuvenation can save you costs by leveraging aspects of your existing website that are still valuable. We evaluate your existing site to identify areas that do work and areas that need to be fixed. 

Our evaluation and resultant action plan will target the following areas :

  • Design review and modernization
  • Target market review and potentially re-targeting to new markets
  • SEO review and identify areas to improve your website rankings
  • Evaluating statistics to determine content areas that are (and are not) working effectively and potentially identify any new profitable niches.
  • Discuss your business needs and establish an internet marketing plan to bring in more traffic, leads and conversions to meet your needs.
  • Discuss work practices to determine whether your existing website’s backend needs replacing and modernizing to make updating your website more efficient and accessible.
  • Review your current branding, social media, customer communication and marketing and establish whether online services can increase the effectiveness of your communication and marketing
  • Review and improve your website’s usability for website visitors
  • Review and improve your website’s content including copy, photos etc
  • Identify whether your website could utilize any new functions to increase visitor engagement
  • Make the site ‘responsive’ so that users on mobiles, ipads etc have a better user experience

    To rejuvenate your website contact us here we will arrange a meeting with you to go through your concerns and discuss why your current site does not meet your business goals.  From there we will also undertake our own review on your site and collate your concerns with our own recommendations. Our recommendations will form a Website Action Plan that documents and itemizes specific actions to provide you with a new and improved online marketing machine!

    We break our Action plan into bite sized pieces starting with the low hanging fruit, quick wins and critical items.  The second stage is less critical but high return items.  Third stage is good return items but could be considered optional items and the fourth stage is an ongoing maintenance plan.  The resultant Action Plan report will include some items that you can action yourself and some that will require our assistance

    The outcome is that you will know exactly what to do to make your website successful. This Action Plan is provided at no cost and no obligation. For more information or to get started please contact us 

    Contact us here to arrange a meeting to discuss how we can improve your website.

    If you have an existing website that is old and tired but you don’t want to throw away all the previous hard work we can give your existing site a make-over.