This service is designed for businesses that have already invested a lot in their existing website and want to leverage the existing fundamentals of the site and not start from scratch.

Discover Me can work with existing websites and bring them up to speed – some of the aspects we look at when rejuvenating a website are…

  • Improving the SEO improving the speed
  • Improving the usability
  • Improving the functionality or adding new functionality to your site.
  • Improving the ability to update the website
  • Modernise the design
  • Make the site responsive
  • Bring in more traffic
  • Increase the conversion rate

To rejuvenate your website contact us here – we will arrange a meeting with you to go through your concerns and discuss why your current site does not meet your business goals – from there we will also undertake our own review on your site and collate your concerns with our own recommendations.

This process effectively forms an action plan for your new improved online marketing machine. Contact us here to arrange a meeting to discuss how we can improve your website.