The cost of a website depends on a lot of factors

To determine the cost of developing a professional website, we first need to ask some basic questions.

Questions we need to ask :

  • Do you want custom designed look and feel?
  • Do you need a Domain Name?
  • Do you require Website Hosting?
  • Do you want to manage your own content?
  • How much information / content do you need on your website?
  • Do you have any special requirements or functions on the website eg on-line store or booking system
  • Do you need help in promoting your website and generating website traffic?
  • Do you want to appear in the top 10 of Google?

Why is there such a range of prices offered

There are a great variety of providers out there, many providers provide low cost websites.  Low cost websites compromise on many factors that you may not be aware of initially such as

  • poor SEO results
  • short life cycle (new technology often makes them redundant within 3 years)
  • poor graphic design (not visually appealing) and
  • poor usability.
  • Poor customer service
  • Lack of flexibility in their product offering.

If you require a professionally built custom website to enable you to compete in your marketplace, you cannot choose a provider based on price alone.  It is impossible to compare quotes provided by different suppliers.  You need to identify your requirements and determine the provider who can provide the best value.

What do you really pay for?

Websites are not tangible assets so the Return on Investment (ROI) and value is hard to quantify.  Setting realistic measurable goals for your website is a critical aspect of determining the success and value of your website.  We can work with you to determine how to measure the ROI of your website and then we will make sure we meet your goals.   {Book in for a planning meeting here}

To meet your goals the website will need to be designed well.  To achieve your goals you need professional, qualified designers that understand, translate and will design the website with the primary aim of meeting your objectives.

Our designers ensure you meet your goals by building websites with the following benefits :

  • A website that is visually appealing
  • Designed to appeal to your target market
  • Communication of your message clearly and effectively
  • Accentuatation of your competitive advantage
  • Easy to navigate and find relevant information
  • SEO savvy with a high Google ranking
  • Great, easy to use functionality
  • Ability to easily keep the website current
  • A website that has a long life-cycle (is future proof)

These benefits are not easy to quantify but the return on investment will be evident when your site goes live and you start generating good quality leads and sales.

Expected base costs for a professional website

For a basic CMS website you should expect to pay upwards of $4000 before adding any extra functionality such as E-commerce and E-marketing

Ongoing costs

Other factors you will need to include in your budgeting for a website are:

  • Domain names cost $30 pa
  • Website Hosting : Basic hosting costs $165 per annum or Business grade hosting (required for CMS sites) costs from $60 per month (business grade hosting also includes several other benefits as part of our Customer Support Programs).
  • Ongoing maintenance is recommended for most websites.  3 Hour packages are $330 per annum.

Other considerations

  • For businesses that want to sell their products on-line.  To add e-commerce / shopping cart functionality costs will start at around $2000 - this can vary greatly depending on your requirements.
  • For businesses that want to increase and track their SEO go to this page for a list of SEO services.
  • To improve the effectiveness of your site we always recommend copywriting services.  Copywriting costs about $330 for each page
How much does a website cost ?

How much you can expect to pay to have a professional website developed.