Your Business Website - The Basic Essentials: 4. Give your Visitors "Something to do"

More people are using the Internet to research businesses and purchase products and services online. Most often they want to do this quickly and efficiently. Our fourth essential is: 4. Give your visitors “something to do”. We are adding 1 essential tip a week for 8 weeks to help you achieve your website goals, so stay tuned and informed!

4. Give your visitors “something to do”

Make sure there is at least one ‘Task’ you’d like your audience to complete - and make it obvious. If you have several, choose one or two priorities and create a clear path from start to completion. This may be ordering a product, becoming a website Member or as simple as filling out a contact form. Know what this is and steer your visitor in this direction.

Our Previous Business Website Essentials:

  1. A Logical Sitemap
  2. Solid Navigation
  3. Professional Design

Make sure there is at least one ‘Task’ you’d like your audience to complete.

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