Businesses cannot afford to overlook Social Media

A new study released by Nielson-Community Engine has found that the number of organisations using Social Media has almost doubled in the last 2 years.  Despite this huge rise in the uptake of the new on-line world there are still many organisations which are yet to fully grasp the technology citing difficulties in how to measure ROI from their social media activity

Some interesting findings...
  • 70% of all Australian businesses intend conducting some form of social media activity this year, compared with just 40% in 2008.
  • In 2008, just 32% of SMEs used social media, a figure that has more than doubled to 67% in 2010.
  • 21% of big businesses said they would expand their marketing budgets in 2010 to fund social media, but this figure is almost double among SMEs at 40%.
  • 50% of businesses agree that if they do not employ social media they risk losing touch with their customers, a figure even higher at 62% for big businesses.
  • More than a third of big businesses and 27% of SMEs said they would prefer to create their own social network as an extension of their own website


The study summaries that "Social Media has become an important tool for organisations who also recognise that they risk failing to connect with a significant online constituency if they do not incorporate social media in their marketing".
Melanie Ingrey, research director of Nielson's online division goes on to say "Australian organisations cannot afford to overlook social media as a highly effective means of engaging with their customers and stakeholders".

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See the full Media release here

A new study has found that social media is being recognised as a highly effective tool for engaging with their customers and stakeholders

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