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Discover Me differentiate in 5 key areas..

  1. Our Professional design skills and ability to make businesses stand out
  2. Our use of leading edge technology to provide efficiencies
  3. Our skills and expertise in providing customised internet marketing solutions that work
  4. Our dedication to quality customer service
  5.  And cost effectiveness

In this blog I’d like to give a brief overview of the first key area – which is providing good design.  Discover Me are passionate believers that quality design can provide with an enormous competitive advantage.  

4 compelling reasons why and how we create competitive advantage through quality design...

  1. Design is the core of our service – our aim is to make our clients look great and provide a highly professional image to their customers.
  2.  Our senior designer is highly creative, skilled and at the top of her game, she provides the creative direction for all our websites. I can tell you that she is very strict in maintaining these standards.
  3. The internet industry moves very fast but one thing that doesn’t change is that without good design a website will not be successful. If it is not visually appealing and user friendly it will simply fail to engage the visitors.
  4. A well designed website will enhance your brand, convey an image of professionalism and give you a competitive advantage. For example before calling you, most potential clients will first look at your website – if they need to decide who to call, they will call the one who looks the most professional. More to the point if your website looks crap they are unlikely to call you

People ignore design that ignores people

We have a quote pinned up on our wall - People ignore design that ignores people – it reminds us that websites must be designed primarily for the user and the market – it’s not designed for the business owner's personal preferences and its not designed to satisfy any personal creative urges – this is sometimes a hard message to swallow but it is important for the success of the site.

It’s important to understand that websites are used and not just looked at – it not only needs to look good (to get people hooked) but it also needs to be easy to use and be functional to keep the visitors engaged .  An ideal design finds a good balance between form and function.

Please contact us if you or anyone you know in the Mornington Peninsula area would like to sit down and have a chat about how we can help improve your online presence and generate new business through your website.

People ignore design that ignores people

About Us

Discover Me provide quality web design and web development services to Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne and Surrounds.

Our philosophy is to provide quality products and services within a highly customer orientated framework. We pride ourselves as leaders in our field through a passionate focus on what we do.

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