There's no quick fixes in SEO

The best advice I can give anyone who is looking to improve their position in Google is this...  add unique, relevant and useful information to your website where-ever possible and don’t waste time and money looking for quick fixes with cheap, shonky overseas operators.

Please avoid anyone that contacts you out of the blue guaranteeing first page in Google.  These people prey on the vulnerable and naive who want a quick, cheap fix.   The end result is often no discernable benefits and money down the gurgler.

Being listed first page in Google for your business name is easy (and to be honest you should be there already), but getting your business on the first page in Google for a keyword that will generate new business takes a lot of hard work and no, they're aren't any magical quick fixes.

Next time you hear someone wondering how to get better Google results – send them our way and we’ll provide honest advice on how to achieve their goals.

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Some practical advice on building your Keyword Rankings organically.

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