Glenn Hull - Business Manager at Discover Me


Glenn Hull does all the boring administrative type work at Discover Me. He also tries to ensure the designers are happy and working in an environment that stimulates their creative juices. Glenn's expertise is in Business Management where he specilaises in marketing. Having previously worked in IT departments in State Government Glenn realised that he loved working with and in small business and applying and sharing his experience in this field. He strongly believes in the power that quality marketing can have for small business.

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A little bit Geeky.

Susan Daly is the creative force of Discover Me Design. As a designer and front-end developer, Susan oversees the creation of all websites produced by Discover Me. Susan is passionate about design and keeping up to date with all things new in interface development. This results in beautiful, interactive and engaging websites that work. Susan's design philosophy and style is based on contemporary trends with a clean and professional look based on established design principles.

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Susan Daly - Designer and front-end developer at Discover Me Design